The new summer flowers are suitable for iPhone 15, the fresh ones are suitable for iPhone 14, anti-fall 12/13, anti-scratch and anti-wear imd material, not easy to turn yellow, comfortable to the touch, perfect fit

Color:  yellow
Model:  iphone12
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Discover the ultimate experience of perfect fit! Our mobile phone cases are made of advanced IMD (Injection Molding Decoration) material, bringing you an unprecedented visual and tactile feast. IMD material can not only display colorful patterns and images, but also has excellent wear resistance and durability.

Our cases are exquisitely designed to fit your phone perfectly, taking care of every angle, whether it's the back or the bezel. You'll experience unparalleled comfort, as if the phone and the case are one.

Precision hole design is an important commitment to us. Each opening position has been carefully measured and positioned to ensure perfect correspondence with your phone's buttons, interfaces and cameras. You can use various functions freely without worrying about any inconvenience caused by the casing.

Choose our IMD phone case and you will have a product that is both beautiful and practical. It will add a unique personal style to your phone while providing all-round protection for your phone. Give your phone a new lease of life and show your personality and taste with our IMD phone cases!