The new skeleton assembled mobile phone case is suitable for iPhone 15promax, the simple design is suitable for 14promax, comfortable feel, perfect fit, four corners are anti-fall, anti-wear and scratch-proof,

Color:  black
Model:  iphone12
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Our assembled phone cases adopt a skeleton magnetic design, which has a handsome appearance and excellent functionality. This phone case has become the first choice of many mobile phone users with its unique assembly method and attractive appearance.

The skeleton magnetic design is the highlight of our phone cases. We divided the phone case into multiple parts, and each part has a magnetic adsorption function, making disassembly and assembly easy and convenient. You just need to align the different parts and bring them close together, and they will automatically snap together to form a complete phone case. This design not only simplifies the use process, but also ensures the stability and safety of the phone case.

Handsome appearance is the charm of our phone cases. We focus on the fashion and personalization of the design, giving the phone case a unique look. Whether it is simple fashion or trendy personality, we provide a variety of styles and patterns for you to choose from. These handsome looks make your phone case an eye-catching accessory that shows off your personality and taste.

Choose our assembled mobile phone case, and you will experience the convenience of magnetic skeleton and the attractiveness of handsome appearance. Our phone cases meet the needs of users with their innovative designs and diverse appearances. Let your phone case become your personality symbol, showing the perfect fusion of coolness and practicality with you.

Let your mobile phone shine with handsome charm, and create a perfect experience of convenience and fashion with our assembled mobile phone cases! Choose our phone cases to bring building fun and the power of cool looks to your phone. Let your mobile phone become your confident partner, showing the perfect fusion of personality and fashion with you.