The new one-piece case is suitable for iPhone 15 pro max, made of metal material, unique design, suitable for iPhone 14 pro max, Samsung s24ultra, comfortable in hand, original appearance, air bag anti-fall, handsome appearance,

Color:  black pc
Model:  pihone13pro
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Experience a mobile phone case with handsome appearance and excellent protection. It adopts air bag anti-fall and separation design to provide comprehensive safety protection for your mobile phone! Our phone cases combine style and function to give your phone a personal touch.

Our phone cases use innovative airbag anti-fall technology. The built-in airbag structure can effectively absorb impact and protect your phone from accidental collisions. Whether it's an accidental drop or a slight bump in daily use, our phone cases can provide reliable protection for your phone, keeping your phone safe and worry-free at all times.

The unique split design is one of the highlights of our phone cases. It allows you to easily install and remove the phone case for easy cleaning and replacement. At the same time, the separated design also ensures the fit and stability of the phone case and will not affect your phone signal and operating experience.

Choose our phone cases and you'll get great looks and superior protection. We offer a variety of styles and color options to meet your pursuit of individuality. And, our cases are carefully designed to fit your phone perfectly while maintaining a thin, lightweight appearance for easy portability.

Let your phone show handsomeness and personality, and enjoy the perfect combination of safety and fashion with our airbag anti-fall and separate design phone cases! Let your phone be your style statement and express your unique personality.