The new gift box wavy mobile phone case is suitable for iPhone 15promax. The colorful smiley face is suitable for iPhone 14promax. It is anti-fall and anti-scratch. It has a comfortable feel, perfect fit and precise hole opening.

Color:  color
Model:  iphone12
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Add a unique pattern to your phone while enjoying drop protection and a perfectly fitting case! Choose our patterned phone cases to give your phone both beauty and functionality.

Our patterned phone cases provide a variety of exquisite patterns, covering fashion, cartoon, art and other styles to meet the preferences and personalities of different consumers. You can choose your favorite pattern and let your phone become a showcase of your personal style.

In addition to beautiful graphics, our cases also offer excellent drop protection. Made of high-quality materials, it can effectively absorb impact and provide all-round protection for your phone. Whether it's an accidental drop or daily collision, our phone cases can provide reliable safety protection for your phone.

A perfect fit is one of the hallmarks of our cases. We precisely design the case dimensions for each phone model to ensure that the case fits the phone perfectly without adding excess thickness or weight. At the same time, fine craftsmanship and high-quality materials ensure the durability and long service life of the phone case.

Choose our patterned mobile phone cases and you will have a mobile phone accessory that is both stylish and practical. Protect your phone from accidental damage while showing off your personality and taste.

Patterned mobile phone case, anti-fall protection, perfect fit, make your phone full of personality and safety!