The new aromatherapy phone case is suitable for iPhone 15pormax, easy to install, suitable for iPhone 14pormax, Samsung s24ultra side hollow design, metal texture, perfect fit, anti-fall, anti-scratch and wear-resistant

Color:  silver
Model:  iphone12
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Feel the luxury of metal and choose our phone case, which gives you a perfect fit and unique side cutout design! Our phone cases combine fashion and functionality to give your phone a unique personality.

Our phone cases are made of high-quality metal, giving your phone excellent protection and durability. At the same time, our unique side hollow design not only adds to the beauty of the phone case, but also maintains air cooling and heat dissipation of the phone, allowing your phone to always maintain good performance.

A perfect fit is one of the hallmarks of our cases. We carefully design every detail to ensure that the case fits your phone perfectly and will not affect operation and plugging and unplugging. At the same time, our phone cases also provide the convenience of easy installation and removal, allowing you to replace and clean at any time.

Choose our metal phone cases and you'll get a luxurious look and exceptional protection. We offer a variety of color and style options to meet your pursuit of individuality. Whether it's business style or trendy, our phone cases can make your phone unique.

Let your phone show the luxury and personality of metal and enjoy the perfect combination of perfect fit and unique design with our phone cases! Let your phone become your fashion accessory to show off your taste and style. Choose our phone cases to give your phone a unique shine.