The macaron two-stage splicing mobile phone frame is suitable for Apple mobile phones 15promax and various colors. It is unique to your style and suitable for 14promax to fit perfectly and experience the real bare metal feel.

Color:  Purple
Model:  pihone12
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Create your own unique phone style! We provide spliced mobile phone frames and bare back panel designs, allowing you to express your personality and have a variety of combinations to choose from.

Our spliced mobile phone frames are uniquely designed. You can freely combine frames of different colors and materials according to your preferences and creativity to create your own personalized appearance. Whether it's bright bright colors or low-key classic tones, it can give your phone a new look.

The exposed back panel design shows the original beauty of the phone, like a work of art. You can choose a transparent back panel to show off the exquisite craftsmanship and internal structure of your phone, or choose unique patterns and stickers to show off your personality and style.

A variety of combinations allow your phone to transform into thousands of looks. Depending on the occasion or mood, you can change the frame and back panel at any time to make your phone unique. Whether it is daily life, parties, travel or work, you can find the most suitable match and make your mobile phone your fashion accessory.

Choose our spliced mobile phone frame, bare back panel design, and various combinations to show your personality and style. Let your mobile phone become a unique work of art and show your unique taste.

Use your creativity to splice phone frames, bare back panels, and various combinations to make your phone glow with endless possibilities!