Suitable for Samsung S24Ultra aluminum alloy cooling metal buckle 24plus mobile phone case Aromatic experience Long-lasting fragrance Easy installation Efficient heat dissipation Temperature reduction protection

Color:  black
Model:  s24
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Discover a whole new level of Samsung phone cases with the ultimate combination of cooling, fragrance and protection! This innovative phone case not only has the function of effective heat dissipation, effectively reducing phone temperature and protecting the device from overheating, but also radiates a pleasant aromatherapy atmosphere, bringing giving you comfort, physical and mental relaxation. Carefully selected natural aromatic essential oils allow you to enjoy a fragrant fragrance while using your phone. Furthermore, this case also provides comprehensive protection, ensuring your Samsung phone is protected from scratches and bumps during daily use. It is made of high-quality materials and exquisite workmanship, making it both lightweight and durable. Choose a Samsung phone case to enjoy the perfect combination of heat dissipation, fragrance and protection, making your phone experience even better!