Simple contrasting gradient pleats suitable for 15promax Apple iPhone13 silicone frosted 14pro mobile phone case with simple pleated style, perfect fit, anti-fall, anti-wear and anti-scratch

Color:  blue green
Model:  iphone12
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Pleated simple style and perfect fit - bringing a unique fashion charm to your phone!

Our phone cases feature a pleated minimalist style for a chic and stylish design. Each case is carefully designed with pleated elements to add unique texture and style to your phone. Make your phone an eye-catching and fashionable focus.

Perfect fit is a key feature of our cases. We pay attention to every detail and make sure the case fits your phone perfectly. Through precise sizing and manufacturing processes, the case closely fits every angle and curve of the phone, giving it a comfortable touch and superior appearance.

Choose our phone cases to give your phone the unique charm of pleated minimalist style. The perfect fit design integrates your phone with the case, giving it a smooth and stylish appearance.

Pleated minimalist style and perfect fit - giving your phone a distinctive fashion experience. Choose us and let the phone case become an indispensable fashion accessory in your life, showing your unique personality and style!