Leather aromatherapy mobile phone case for iPhone 15promax, aromatherapy design push-pull installation 14promax, simple appearance, perfect fit, anti-fall and anti-scratch, avoid small accidents in life

Color:  brown
Model:  iPhone13
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Infuse your phone case with the charm of aromatherapy! Choose our mobile phone case and experience the convenience of push-pull installation, making your phone full of fragrance and personality.

Our phone case incorporates aromatherapy design, making your phone not only a protective case, but also a small space that exudes a charming aroma. We carefully select high-quality aromatherapy tablets. You can replace different aromatherapy tablets with just a slight push and pull to enjoy a different aroma experience.

The aromatherapy design not only brings a pleasant aroma to your phone, but also helps relieve stress and enhance your mood. During busy work or relaxing moments, let your phone emit your favorite aroma and instantly create a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The push-pull installation design makes your phone case more convenient and practical. We have considered user convenience and ensured that the installation process is simple and easy, no tools required. In just a few seconds, you can attach the case to your phone, protecting your phone while enjoying the beauty of aromatherapy.

Choose our phone case, incorporate aromatherapy design, push-pull installation, and make your phone a sensory enjoyment. Whether in work, study or leisure and entertainment, you can feel a different kind of pleasure and relaxation.

Release the charm of aromatherapy, experience the convenience of push-pull installation, choose our phone case, and let your phone glow with fragrance and personality!